Portable Purification Systems

Model PVS 185, 600, 1200, 1800, 2700


Contaminated oil is drawn into the Parker Portable Purification System by a vacuum of 25 In/Hg. The oil passes through the in-line low watt density heater where the oil is heated to an optimum temperature of 150° F (66°C).
The oil then enters the distillation column where it is exposed to the vacuum through the use of special dispersal elements. This increases the exposed surface area of the oil and converts the water to vapor form, which is then drawn through the condenser by the vacuum pump.
The water-free oil falls to the bottom of the column and is removed by a heavy duty lube oil pump. This pump forces the dry oil through a fi nal particulate removal fi lter. Clean oil passes out of the unit, back to the reservoir — and into the system.

PVS 185 Series

PVS 600 Series

PVS 1200 Series

PVS 1800 Series

PVS 2700 Series