Clean Diesel

Solution for Diesel Fuel Cleanliness

Diagnostic Product

Velcon Contaminant Analyzer parker indonesia

Velcon Contaminant Analyzer (VCA)

Simultaneous Detection of Solid and Water Contaminants at Full-Flow

icountACM20 parker indonesia


icount Aviation Condition Monitoring with Diesel Fuel Compatability

IcountFS Parker Distributor Indonesia


icount Fuel Sampler
Portable Condition Monitoring for Fuel Systems

icountBSplus Distributor Parker Indonesia


icount Bottle Sampler
The Benchtop Solution to Fluid Contamination Bottle Sampling

Integrated Particulate Monitor Parker Indonesia

Integrated Particulate Monitor (IPM™)

Most Up-to-Date Technology in Solid Particle Contamination Analysis
The IPM is a compact, permanently mounted laser based particle detector module that provides a cost-effective solution to fluid management and contamination control.

Flow Differential Pressure Module  Parker Distributor Indonesia

Flow Differential Pressure Module (FDPM™)

Automatic Calculation of Corrected Differential Pressure for Varying Flow Rates

icountPD Distributor Parker Indonesia


icount Particle Detector
The Most Up-to-Date Technology in Solid Particle Detection

Hydrokit Distrib Distributor Terbaik Parker Indonesia


Hydrokit® HKD Series
Detection of Free Water in Diesel

Low Range DIGI Water Kit parker Indonesia

Low Range DIGI Water Kit

The DIGI Test Cell provides simple, accurate results for water in oil/fuel (including diesel and biodiesel)

Therapeutic Product

Guardian Parker Distributor Indonesia


Portable Filtration System

Filter Housing for Dirt, Water and Acid Removal from Oil & Fuels parker Indonesia

Filter Housing for Dirt, Water and Acid Removal from Oil & Fuels

Diesel Fuel Cart (DFC)

DFS Series Parker Indonesia

DFS Series

FOS Series

Preventive Product


DFO Parker Indonesia


Particulate Filtration
High Quality Filtration for Diesel and Biodiesel Applications

Aquacon Parker Indonesia


Particulate Filtration & Water Removal
Diesel and Biodiesel (FAME) Protection from Particulate and Water Contaminants

DI/DO & DSO Parker Indonesia


Particulate Filtration
Particulate and Water Removal from Diesel Fuel

Par<>Fit DFI Parker Indonesia

Par<>Fit DFI

Particulate Filtration
High Flow Particulate Filter for Diesel Fuel

Filter Vessels

DVF 61/62 Series Parker Indonesia

DVF 61/62 Series

Vertical Filter Housings
Particulate & Water Absorption
For Use with AD-5 & DFO-5 Elements
These versatile housings are designed to meet various requirements: a fuel particulate filter, water absorption filter or a fuel polisher. Ideal for fuel dispensing applications.


DVX Series Parker Indonesia

DVX Series

Housings for Diesel Fuel Filtration
Particulate, Water Absorption & Coalescer/Separator
For use with AD, HFP, HOCP/HSP Elements

DVF Series Parker Indonesia

DVF Series

Vertical Filter Housings
Particulate & Water Absorption
For Use with AD-6 & DFO-6 Elements

DV Series Parker Indonesia

DV Series

Vertical Filter-Coalescer/Separator Housings
for use with DI-6 and DSO-6 Elements

DFS Series Parker Indonesia

DFS Series

Diesel Filtration Skid
DFS™ Series – System for Removal of Particulates and Protection from Water Contaminants
Providing high quality fuel to the modern high pressure common rail fuel injection systems is imperative to avoid costly downtime and engine repair.