Belt Weigher Control System Technology

Belt Weigher Control System Technology

PCS1 Belt Weigher


PCS2 Belt Weigher

PCX2 Belt Weigher



Volumetric Scanner

Weigher Feeders

Non-Intrusive Weigh Frames

PFS4 Belt Weigher

CSRR (Close Spaced Roller Rack)

10 Tops Belt Weight Control System Product from Parker Distributor Indonesia

Today’s manufacturing center requires proper equipment with advanced technology to be able to compete with competitors. Therefore, the needs for new equipment with better design and technology keep increasing these days. Parker Distributor Indonesia answers that challenge by providing various products that will become the best addition to the manufacturing industry in Indonesia and other countries. Here, we have the example of products that this distributor provided for its clients.

  1. PCS1 Belt Weigher

It is a belt weight that has a central suspended design. The best thing about this product is it doesn’t require too much space to install. With just 1 load cell and 1 idler weight length, this product is suitable for all manufacturing areas.

Parker Distributor Indonesia also provides a product that is made of solid mild steel construction. Alternatively, some of them offer stainless steel-type products. Both materials are a perfect choice for various conditions, even the extreme ones.

  1. PCS2 Belt Weigher

This product is similar to the first product we mentioned above. However, it uses two-point conveyor weight frames which distribute the weight evenly to improve its durability. Moreover, it also has a full suspended design, which is a perfect choice for light materials manufacture.

The product from the top Parker Distributor Indonesia has various features. For example, it uses a simple, yet stable design which improves its safety. It has better accuracy, up to 0.25%. Customers also can order a customized version of this equipment. They can choose the galvanized color for adding their identity to this equipment.

  1. PCX2 Belt Weigher

As for this product, it uses cross supported design for the 2 point conveyor weight frame. Thanks to this design, the size of this equipment can be reduced. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for limited space applications. Moreover, you also can apply it to a more complex system. You can find this equipment on the best Parker Distributor Indonesia. They even accept custom engineering orders that match your manufacturing system.

  1. IntelliRoll

Another product from the top Parker Distributor Indonesia is IntelliRoll. It is one of the best equipment for today’s manufacturing industry. It uses the autonomous design, which gives you a much easier experience to use it. It is also self-powered, which saves more time to provide energy sources. Best of all, this product has a sealed roller design. There is no cable connection, which makes it a very innovative addition for your business.

  1. Tachometers

If you have a manufacturing plant, you also should get Tachometers. It helps you to measure the belt travel, so you can find out your manufacturing efficiency. This information allows you to adjust to improve your factory performance. For the best result, get the pre-calibrated Tachometer. Find one that also has a low inertia wheel, large diameter, and adjustable spring tension for optimal performance. Get it from the best Parker Distributor Indonesia to save your budget.

  1. Volumetric Scanner

If you visit the Parker Distributor Indonesia store, online or offline, you also should get the Volumetric Scanner. It monitors the surcharge angles, material volume, and material edge margined for integrator equipment. Find the one that has a stand-alone system, which gives you convenient functions. Once you get it, you can easily measure the bulk density in real-time.

  1. Weigher Feeders

This equipment is one of the cores of the manufacturing and mining industry. It allows you to save more time to carry all materials to the next site or part of your manufacturing area. For the best performance, choose one that has a certificate, plus made of high-durability materials. Contact the Parker Distributor Indonesia that you choose, to find more about this product.

  1. Non-Intrusive Weigh Frames

This product is another essential part of the modern manufacturing business. We believe that the best Parker Distributor Indonesia will have this product in their collection. So, what this product can do to help your manufacturing site?

As you can see from its name, it is the weight frame that won’t affect your current conveyor structure. You might have to remove several parts of your conveyor system when you want to install the weightometer. However, with the product from the best Parker Distributor Indonesia, you don’t need to modify your existing conveyor system. You only need to install it. It saves more time, energy, and, of course, money.

  1. PFS4 Belt Weigher

This product is another weight control system that uses a full-suspended design. This weigh frame has a direct force measurement feature. It means you don’t need lever arms, pivots, or bearings to install and use it. You also can find 4 load cells, which is enough for various types of conveyor systems. Moreover, you also can find Parker Distributor Indonesia that has the product with a pipe conveyor option. So, you can practically use it for any type of your equipment.

  1. CSRR (Close Spaced Roller Rack)

The last one is the CSRR. This is another belt weigher variant that you also can use on your conveyor system. For better usage, try to find Parker Distributor Indonesia that provides the product with a non-intrusive design. It means you don’t need to remove the structure of your conveyor system, which saves the re-engineering costs.


Those are ten weight control system products provided by Parker Distributor Indonesia. Each of them has different functions and advantages. Therefore, make sure you read all the specifications on each product. Then, match them with your current system. So, you won’t buy the wrong one. That method helps you save more time and money to improve your manufacturing performance.

The last thing you should do is choose the best Parker Distributor Indonesia for the product. There are many of them. So, find one that can give you the original product with a top-quality guarantee. Finding an experienced distributor is another method to get the best equipment you need. We believe you know what kind of product you need for your business. Choose one from the reliable Parker Distributor Indonesia you can trust. Then, get ready for reaping and enjoy its benefits.

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