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PT. Sakata Prima Teknika as an authorized distributor of Parker Hannifin Indonesia. we are also Trading, Fabrication, and Machining company that is mainly concentrates on Industrial Filtration, fuel and oil treatment, and customize engineering solution.

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Parker Distributor Indonesia | Parker Filter Indonesia: Best Parker Product

Item quality is an exertion of an organization to separate its items from contending items by making these items exceptional. Parker Distributor Indonesia has the best stopping quality items. For this situation, item separation can be closed as the requirement for organizations to set up contrasts with contending items and these distinctions must have significant qualities for the network. The uniqueness of making an item that is delivered will consistently be recalled and has a spot in the hearts of customers. Regardless of whether one day the item can be replicated, at that point, the organization must make a solid effort to have any kind of effect so it isn’t like a similar item available.

Separation ought to have numerous preferences over contending organizations. Special yet doesn’t have more an incentive than contenders, keeps an eye on just make the item important costly without having the advantages and equivalent to different items.  Make the separation that we do quality and brimming with benefits, so customers feel purchasing products at sensible costs without reconsidering.

Sturdiness which implies perseverance shows the age of the item, for example, the measure of utilization of an item before the item is supplanted or harmed. The more drawn out the toughness the more strong, solid items will be seen to be of a higher caliber than items that are immediately drained or supplanted rapidly, Durability is identified with to what extent the item can keep on being utilized. These measurements incorporate the specialized age just as the monetary time of item use.

Congruity is the degree to which the structure and working attributes satisfy foreordained guidelines. For instance, quality control and plan, standard operational attributes are the appropriateness of item execution with the expressed principles of an item. Highlights can improve item quality if contenders don’t have these highlights, extra highlights or highlights, are optional or reciprocal attributes. During this time, Parker Distribution Indonesia has demonstrated to purchasers about the general quality or greatness of Parker items. Parker Distribution Indonesia has items, for example, Automation, Pneumatic, Adapters, Equipment, Hose, Hose Fitting, Shealing and Shielding, Filtration, and Parker Instruments.

One of Parker Distribution Indonesia items is Hose. Water-powered Hose or water-driven hose is one of the segments of the water-powered framework in the machine unit that capacities as a water-driven oil conductor as per the compel required all through the unit to move the actuator. The length of water-driven hose use is influenced by climate, daylight, synthetics, working conditions, or blunders during activity or away. Hose comprises layers of four fundamental parts, in particular the inward cylinder, wire pad, fortification layer, and spread. The inward layer is known as the internal cylinder or the layer capacities to convey and put the progression of liquid. The subsequent layer is a fortification layer (support layer) that serves to give solidarity to the hose. The support layer can be made of cotton, engineered material, or wire. Cotton and manufactured materials are typically woven, while wires can be woven or wound spirally. A few hoses have numerous layers which are strengthened utilizing various materials comprising of cotton and wire.

The third layer is a pad, pad works as a layer that diminishes grinding. The pad layer lessens the chance of the wire turning out to be hardened which can cause pin opening harm to the inward cylinder. The last layer is the spread or spread. Spread or spread serves to shield the hose from harm all things considered and the earth or the climate, the spread is made of steel wire, plastic, or fabric. Why pick Parker Product?

Parker Distributor Indonesia | Parker Filter Indonesia – History

Parker has been around since the mid-1900s which makes all parker items have a history and involvement with telling and building up their items. Parker has likewise possessed licenses for quite a while, so Parker items are destined to be unique. From that point forward, Parker Products will extend to all nations until it is in Indonesia, to be specific Parker Distribution Indonesia. Parker has since quite a while ago assumed a job in the achievement of mining and everything in the realm of apparatus. Obviously, after the arrangement of Parker, quality and quality have consistently been number one with the goal that Parker can be utilized in practically all nations.

Parker Distributor Indonesia – Quality and Products

Parker’s Product Quality is the primary concern. Consequently, the products sold are unique merchandise from the manufacturing plant and have an official assurance. The entirety of that can be acquired through Parker Distributor Indonesia. By purchasing items at Parker Distributor Indonesia, you get indistinguishable items from those in America and different nations. Parker Distributor Indonesia likewise gives all items no matter what so all needs can be met All of these products are Parker AC10 Inverter, Parker AC30 Inverter, Servo Motors, P1A – Mini ISO 6432 Cylinders, P1D-B – ISO 6431 / VDMA Cylinders, P1D-T – ISO 15552 Cylinders, P1Q – Compact Cylinders, Origa OSP-P Rodless Cylinders. For valves available, Viking Lite, DX – ISO 5599-1 ISOMAX, P2M – Moduflex Valve System, PXC – Limit Switches, and B45 / 53 – Manual & Mechanically Operated Valves.

Seleniod Valve is available 2/2 and 3/2 Way Brass Direct Acting Valve (7000 Global Operators) – FKM normally closed, 2/2-Way Brass Magnalift Direct Acting Function – FKM – Normally Closed + 100 ° C, 7321B Series – 2 / 2-Way Pilot Operated Valve – NBR – Normally Closed + 90 ° C, 3/2 or 5/2 2-4 Way Pilot Operated – Single Solenoid – NAMUR Direct Mount NBR 80 ° C, 3/2 or 5/2 2- 4 Way Pilot Operated – Dual Solenoid – NAMUR Direct Mount NBR 80 °, and 3/2 or 5/2 3-4 Way Pilot Operated – Solenoid – NAMUR Direct Mount – Aluminum.

If the requirement is Air Preperation and Airline Accessories, Popular Combinations – P31 Series, Popular Combinations – P32 Series, Popular Combinations – P32 Series, Popular Combinations – P33 Series, Popular Combinations – P33 Series, Regulators, and Stainless Steel FRLs. Stud Fittings are very important equipment, Parker has Stud Fittings, Male BSPT Thread, Stud Elbow, Male BSPT Thread, Extended Stud Elbow, Male BSPT Thread, Stud Branch Tee, Male BSPT and Metrcic Thread, Stud Run Tee, BSPT Thread, Equal and Unequal Tube-to-Tube Connector, Equal Bulkhead Connector, Plug-In Reducer, Stud Fitting, Male BSPP and Metric Thread, Stud Elbow, Male BSPP, and Metric Thread, Extended Stud Elbow, Male BSPP, and Metric Tread, Equal Mixed Bulkhead Connector, Equal Bulkhead Connectors, Bulkhead Connectors, Female BSPP Threads, Equal and Unequal Elbow Plug-In, Increaser Plug-In, and other products. All products are available in full.


At present, innovation is a significant segment that matters. Effectively expected to overlook the customary method for requesting the past, Parker Distributor Indonesia has a site that truly addresses client issues because there is contact data to encourage clients in making exchanges or counseling

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